Anthony Seta


Finneytown OH

I am extremely happy with the work and service of Parker Roofing. My situation was a small job involving only installing a vent boot around a 3 inch pipe and also cutting a new 4.5″ hole in the roof for a new vent to hook up to a bathroom ceiling fan unit. I had watched some Youtube videos and made the attempt myself. After rediscovering my fear of heights, I realized I was in over my head – even if the tasks seemed relatively simple and mundane on the videos. Mr. Parker was able to show up the same day that I called (after I finished work day) and completed both tasks. The repair of the vent boot and the installation of the new vent both look great and are sealed correctly.

While the service was undeniably great, I must say that I’m most impressed that Parker Roofing was willing to do these small jobs which really don’t offer high dollar rewards. I was turned down (i.e. calls not returned, etc…) by too many local companies to list. I’m extremely grateful for the willingness of Parker Roofing to take on these tasks and the high quality workmanship that was devoted. I’m now able to continue on with an upstairs bathroom renovation and am extremely pleased – to say the least. Thank you.